Private workshops with professional photographer Gemma Sandell based in Phnom Penh city and the surrounding area. The workshops are focused on street photography and portraiture. They offer the perfect way to find the lesser known spots around the capital that make for great street shooting. The photography tours offer an intimate insight into the city and it’s people, a credit to Gemma’s bond with the people of Phnom Penh and grasp of the local language.


One Day Workshop (9hrs) 9.30am - 6.30pm

$120 (1 - 2 people) $200 (3 - 4 people)

The most popular of the workshops, the one day tour, starts in the bustling city. After an introductory lesson, you will explore small backstreets and some unusual neighborhoods to get a taste of authentic life in Phnom Penh - completely off the tourist track. You will visit some of the most traditional wet markets and discover the city’s interesting hidden gems. Lunch at a local market will be a chance to taste some Khmer delights and interact with local Phnom Penh-ers. In the afternoon you will take a ferry to Koh Dach, where Gemma will show you her favourite villages. Here you will experience some cottage industries and capture farmers hard at work in the fields. If you are lucky the will day end with an unforgettable sunset as you journey back to the city.


Two Day, 1 Night Adventure Workshop

$320 per person

This is the most extensive workshop Gemma offers, giving participants the chance to visit the most interesting sites to photograph inside the city and in the surrounding countryside.

The first day starts with a city tour, exploring some interesting urban neighborhoods - perfect for street photography. You will then drive one hour outside of Phnom Penh, where you will check in to your hotel for the night. At sunset you will visit the rice fields to take some landscape shots – if it is harvest season you will also be able to take some interesting environmental portraits.

The next morning you will wake very early in order to capture the sunrise over the lotus flower ponds. As the sun starts to rise people will come to harvest the lotus flowers. The next stop is a nearby brick factory – a very interesting location. In the late morning you will make a special trip to photograph nuns serving lunch to the monks at one of the largest monastery’s in Cambodia. A Truly spectacular sight. You will then begin the journey back to town, stopping on the way at a Muslim fishing market.

In the afternoon you will take a ferry to Koh Dach Island, a small island in the middle of the Mekong river. Here there will be plenty of opportunities to capture photographs of traditional Cambodian countryside living. If you are lucky the workshop will conclude with a beautiful sunset.

All meals and one nights accommodation are included in this tour


Half Day Tours

Half day tours in either the city or the countryside can be arranged. These tours fit the best of the bustling city or the tranquil countryside into a shorter time frame - don’t worry you will still come away with some unforgettable photographs and memories. These itineraries change depending on the season so please contact Gemma for more information.


Half Day Tour Info

Half Day City Workshop (4.5hours) 5.30am - 10am OR 2pm - 6.30pm $75 (1 - 2 people) $120 (3 - 4 people)

Half Day Country Workshop (4.5hours) 5.30am - 10am OR 2pm - 6.30pm $75 (1 - 2 people) $120 (3 - 4 people)



Please send any booking inquiries to or use the contact page.

It is possible to tailor a workshop to your needs, and workshops elsewhere in Cambodia can be organised upon request .